Welcome to Kindom Consulting.  We are a consulting enterprise that advises individuals and faith-based institutions on tax preparation services and financial planning  to achieve customized solutions that meet the needs, goals and objectives of our clients, while also promoting awareness and literacy for key financial concerns.

At KC we believe in the intersection between business and ministry.  We offer solutions that affirm sound business practices and operate with the integrity that the Christian faith affirms and requires.  This core belief infuses our business model, solutions and services. 

Our services include:

  • Financial Management -- we offer the following financial management services : tax preparation, bookkeeping, budgeting, planning, investments, new business development, grants and fundraising

  • Strategic and Operational Consulting -- we advise our clients how to optimize savings and reach their operational goals through solutions that enhance efficiency, efficacy and relevancy.

  • Education --  we offer tax and personal finance trainings for faith-based institutions and low-income families to promote awareness, literacy, and empowerment.

Our Clients:
We encourage individuals who are seeking assistance with  personal finances matters such as: budgets, debt management, tax services, investments and financial planning to contact us today.

Likewise, we encourage churches and faith-based organizations who are looking to enhance  ministry through sound financial practices and literary to contact us or to book an educational workshop today.*

*Recent Workshops:

Fort Washington Collegiate Church New  York

"Faith and Finances" is a workshop  that explores  principles of Christian stewardship over financial matters by engaging scripture to examine how spiritual discipline is translated into sound finances.  Specific topics include: tithing, taxation and investments

Abyssinian Baptist Church: Joshua Ministry Retreat New York

"Managing Money God's Way" is a workshop that examines the intersections of faith and finances.  Specific topics include: personal finances, budgets and debt management.

Here at KC money and ministry matters.  We look forward to serving you!

Faithfully Yours,

Nikia Smith Robert, Founder & Principal


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